Awana Returns August 23rd, 2023

Wednesday Evenings from 5:30-7:30pm

Dinner provided from 5:30-5:50pm   

Children age 3 (as of September 1st) - 5th grade

Awana is a discipleship tool Oakwood uses to teach our children about God’s love and how to hide His Word in their hearts. Children enjoy different rotations during their night at Awana. They start their night with dinner and a lesson in large group, enjoy various activities, and end the night in their classrooms, memorizing and understanding God’s Word.

Each age group moves through their book together, ensuring that the kids who may need extra help get the help they need. Our program adapts to each child’s needs… from our Mark 9 Special Needs curriculum, to modified verses, to extra credit! Our interactive program gets kids moving and learning about God’s Word in a hands-on way.

We cannot do this without our volunteers and the help of parents. Each year, our list of children only gets bigger as the year moves on, so we would LOVE an opportunity to speak to you about volunteering! Steadfast volunteers help us keep children off a wait list, so that every child who wants to come can experience this amazing discipleship program.

For more information on Awana, or to inquire about volunteering, please contact Laura Wolf at for preschool children, or Rachel Woelfel at  for Kindergarten-5th grade children.


As we complete our Awana spring semester, our waitlist for next year (2023-2024) is now available. Once enrollment opens, we will email you a link to complete the registration process.

To register for this current Awana year ending May 24th, 2023, please email Laura Wolf at for Preschool or Rachel Woelfel at for Kindergarten-5th grade.


Awana Volunteer Registration


*Cost: $25 per child for the first two children, $10 per each additional child for each school year.  Funds will provide handbooks and a T-shirt or vest.   

For the 2022-2023 AWANA year:
-We are asking one parent from each household to serve two evenings over the course of the AWANA year (September-May).  These parents will be our VIPs (Very Important Parents)!  Our VIPs will serve wherever the need is for that particular night, no training will be necessary, and all parents must complete a background check and screening form before serving.  After registering your child(ren), you will be immediately redirected to a Signup Genius where you will be able to pick your dates.  Our VIPs will be in addition to the 200 weekly Leaders we need to make this ministry happen!