Middle School

Sunday Mornings  

Student Worship Center - Room 100 9:15am to 10:30am.

Middle School Students grab a Shipley Doughnut or two, worship together, and listen to a talk time geared for them. We end the hour in Fusion Small Group break out rooms by grade and gender.
6th Grade Students - begin in Room 105.
Small Group Rooms: 105 – 6th grade girls, 106 – 6th grade guys
7th & 8th Grade Students - begin in Room 100.
Small Group Rooms: 100 – 8th grade girls, 101- 8th grade guys, 102 7th grade guys, 103 - 7th grade girls


Wednesday Nights 

Set up an environment geared towards Grades 6-8, 6:30pm to 8pm.  Students begin in the Middle School Kickstart Room 100 and move to breakout rooms to end the evening.




What is Fusion? Fusion offers a loving and accepting environment geared for Middle School Students Grades 6-8. We have events, weekly meetings, and exist to Intentionally Engage Middle School Students by leading them into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.

When and Where does Fusion Meet? Fusion Meets Sundays 9:15am. 6th grade begins in Room 105 and 7-8 grades begin in Room 100. Grades 6-8 meet Wednesdays 6:30pm in Kickstart Room 100. What happens on Fusion Sundays @ RM 105 & RM 100? Beginning at 9:15am students have a Shipley doughnut or five, brief worship time, grade based talk time, and then small group time. 10:30am is dismissal time from break out rooms in the Student Worship Center What happens on Fusion Wednesdays? 6:30 Begins in the Middle School Kickstart Room with a mixer and giveaways. After Worship and Talk Time, Students move to break out rooms for prayer and discussion. 8pm is dismissal time

What is All Access? All Access is a foyer event geared for students to invest and invite a friend. The Oakwood Student Ministry, grades 6-12, meet in the Main Worship Center for a night of high energy worship and a relevant message, challenging students to follow Christ. 6:00pm begins with food and hang time, then high energy music, a relevant speaker, and response time. 8pm is dismissal time. Our Believe Weekend Kick-Off night is an All Access Night as well as our Back to School Bash.

What is Middle School Fuze Night? Fuze Night is a large group gathering for Middle School Students on Wednesday Night. Middle School students are challenged to shine a light for Jesus in their area of influence. 6:00pm begins with pizza and hang time in RM 100, then we move to high energy music, a relevant speaker, and response time. 8pm is dismissal time.

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